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cicable pxover ls3/5a white paper and feature list


Up to now most improvements of loudspeakers were accessory upgrades, like cables, stands, spikes etc. This time the cicable® external crossover, designed by Derek Hughes, best known for his work at Spendor, shows the full potential of a really well engineered crossover / speaker combination.

Upgrading your system with a well matched crossover !

The potential for possible improvements is greater than you might believe, for nearly any good speaker system. But it is not possible just with a change of components to achive the performance of a cicable xover. Fine–tuning and new, rarely used, constructions of inductors gives a performance level which is not possible by normal production methods. Features and Components are such of that kind which you won't find even by $ 50.000 models.

Speakers, Models and Versions ...

At present versions for the following loudspeaker models are available both in a »standard« and a »premium« version:

BBC LS3/5a
cicable® starts with xovers for the very well known BBC monitor LS3/5a. The xovers support all brands of the LS3/5a as well as both versions, the original 15ohm version and the latest 11ohm version. The latter incorporates a specially designed autotransformer instead of the resistive ladder network [more information see :: here].

Spendor BC1xxx
The first cicable xover versions for the legendary Spendor BC1 monitor are ready right now. First listening tests show up an unbelievable sonic improvement [more information see :: here].

Crossovers for other high end speakers are planned in the future. We also design and optimise individual solutions for customers on special request, – please call us for further information.

Reviews ...

Reviews proof that the cicable crossovers improve the audio quality quite a lot with a good value–for–money. – In combination with a pair of LS35a speakers english enthusiasts talked about it as »killer crossover« . Ken Kessler, well known from his reviews in HiFi–News wrote recently about the »standard« 11ohm version for the LS35a and claimed...

» The cicable crossover is an investment and a reversible tweak for someone who already owns LS3/5As and – like the owner of a vintage car professionally converted for lead–free – wants to use them on a daily basis ... It is a perfect product in that it does precisely what it's supposed to do, and the panel unanimously voiced its approval. – If only all after–market »black boxes« were this good«

There is nothing more to say!

Features, Concept, , Design and Components

Both cicable xovers are designed as a »no compromise« device and will improve your high grade speaker system more than any other accessory. The most important features at a glance:

The crossovers are designed as external units, so that they are not influenced by the loudspeaker cabinet vibrations and the magnetic field of the drive units [like a magnetic »DC – offset« ] which is reduced by the factor of 10.

Special over–dimensioned components will reduce the amount of distortion by more than 50dB, so that distortion mainly depends on the amplifier and not on the loudspeaker xover design.

The xovers are individually adjusted to the customers speakers. Therefore we can offer 0.3dB frequency response tolerance due to 1% tolerances of the components.

We use specially wound autotransformers to achieve lossfree level matching of the tweeters. A positive side–effect is a smoother impedance curve which is good for critical amps, especially valve amps. Special compensation networks smooth the impedance curve in the area of tweeter resonances even more.

The xovers are available in two versions, STANDARD and PREMIUM. The PREMIUM version has further refinement in performance because of even better components in the signal path as well as tighter tolerances.

We believe that this upgrade path is, for many highend and music enthusiasts, the solution that gives the greatest audible improvement to the quality of their system and will be an unrivalled accessory.

For further informations please visit the individual pages [LS35/a, BC1], download the pdf file or see our :: lab report]. – We also deliever special versions for other brands according to your requirements. Please contact us.


cicable crossovers
a must for any music– and hifi enthusiast !




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HiFi & Records ... review of the  cicable crossover for the bbc ls35a speaker

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